(исп. Benimantell)


Benimantel is a small mountain village in the province of Alicante with narrow hilly streets, charming nature and a rural flavor. The proximity of Guadalest, Benidorm and the Sierra de Aitana makes this place interesting for tourists.

Comarque (district): Alacanti
Occupies area 37.90 км²
Population more than 500 people
Height above sea level 546 м
Is in 61.60 км from Alicante

General information about the city

Benimantell is a small municipality in the interior of the province of Alicante, part of the Marina Baja district and belonging to the Valle de Guadalest subcomarca. It covers an area of 37.90 km² and is home to just over 500 people.

Benimantel borders the cities of Benyarda, Benidorm, Benifato, Castell de Castells, Finestrat, Guadalest, Polop and Sella.

Benimantel is located in the Guadalest Valley at the foot of the Sierra de Aitana mountains at an altitude of 547 meters above sea level. The town itself is located just a kilometer from Guadalest - the tourist pearl of the region. The popular coastal resort towns of Altea and Benidorm are just a 20-minute drive away.

The traditional source of income here is the cultivation of almonds and olive trees. Thanks to its proximity to Guadalest and Benidorm, tourism and services are also developing in Benimantel. There are several restaurants offering the best traditional cuisine, as well as rural houses where you can stay.

How to get to Benimantel?

The closest airport to the city is in Alicante. There is no direct bus service between the cities, so the best way to get here is by car along the AP-7 highway or the N-332 road, turning onto CV-70 in Benidorm.

Historical reference. Benimantel is a mountain village of Muslim origin that became dependent on Guadalest after the Christian conquest of the land in the mid-13th century. After the expulsion of the Moors in 1609, these territories were settled by Christians, mainly from Aragon. Since 1611, Benimantel had legal independence. In the 18th century there was noticeable demographic growth. In 1833, the Kingdom of Valencia was divided into three provinces and Benimantel became part of Alicante. In the middle of the 19th century, the population here reached more than a thousand people. However, since then the number of inhabitants has gradually decreased.

Sights of Benimantel

Benimantel is a very small town, but it also has its own attractions and interesting places. On the territory of the municipality there are the ruins of an ancient castle, which once stood on a par with the castles of Guadalest and Alfofra. In addition, it offers a picturesque view of the entire Guadalest Valley.

Old center

The old city center is characterized by narrow, winding and very steep streets. Among them, the street Trencacames ("beating feet"), so named because of the steepness of its slope, stands out.

Typical of Benimantel are small Arabic-style houses with latticework balconies and beautiful ceramic tiles. In the Plaza Mayor there is a parish church dedicated to San Vicente Mártir, as well as a small building of the city hall (Ayuntamiento), which blends harmoniously with its surroundings.

The picturesque center of Benimantel has two fountains: one at the southern entrance, dating from 1944, and another, older one, located in the northeast, towards the river.

The old center is a place where you can feel the calm, friendly atmosphere of this cozy town.

Parish Church of San Vicente Martir

The parish church of San Vicente Mártir (La Iglesia Parroquial de San Vicente Mártir) is one of the important architectural monuments of the city. It is located on the main square - Plaza Mayor.

It is a building with a rectangular base and a tower that ends in an octagonal dome, as well as an indigo lacquered roof. The church building is of architectural interest.

Nature and active tourism

Benimantel is located in the Guadalest Valley between the Sierra de Aitana and Xorta mountain ranges, so lovers of nature and outdoor activities will find something to do here.

In the area around the city there are many hiking trails that lead to the Font del Morer, Font del Molí, Arc, Pi, Salines and other interesting places. Hiking enthusiasts will appreciate the hiking trails Penya Roc, Diví, Placas del Eco, Barranc de l’Arc and others. Another activity worth adding to your list while in Benimantel is canyoning. In addition, there are excellent rock climbing spots around the city.

Gastronomy of Benimantel

You can't leave Benimantel without trying the delicious local dishes, because the local cuisine remains true to its traditions over time. Tourists should definitely try:

  • meat sausages;
  • rice dishes;
  • stew with wheat grains;
  • baked lamb;
  • salty pies with mintxos filling;
  • olleta de blat,
  • pilotes de dacsa
  • typical sweets - pastisset d'ametla, coques cristines, etc.

You can also buy excellent olive oil here.

Holidays in Benimantel

In Benimantel, like in any other city in Spain, people love holidays. Among them, the following stand out:

  • Fiestas de la Juventud (Youth Festivals). Celebrations in honor of San Lorenzo, which take place from August 8 to 12.
  • Fiestas de Octubre (October holidays). Held every year in October on weekends. On the third Sunday of October, a holiday dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament is held here.
  • Fiesta de San Vicente Mártir. Feast in honor of the patron saint of San Vicente Mártir, celebrated on January 22.


Benimantel is a small agricultural mountain village located in the heart of the Guadalest Valley near the Sierra de Aitana mountains close to the coastal resort towns. Here you can enjoy nature and silence, get acquainted with local traditions and gastronomy, go to the mountains and simply relax from the hustle and bustle, away from large and noisy tourist places.